Sunday, 13 April 2014

Scripting and parenting

I'm incredibly grateful for these books as they help me script and figure out how to cope with different parenting situations. They are simple, short and easy to read. They help me to find the words to say and how to support my son. They help my son understand what to do and how to behave. I want to collect the sets. They are very helpful for my son and I.

My son and I have had many beautiful, calming moments rocking on the rocking chair reading 'Calm-down time.' I have found it incredibly helpful to have this short, simple book handy for when neither of us are coping very well. We take a quiet moment to read this book and afterwards we are both so much calmer and happier. 

My son has trouble with regulating his little body. He gets excited, angry or sad. He feels it so intensely. He feels the need to bite us when he is emotionally overloaded. I relate to his intense emotions as I struggle with the same intense feelings of needing to bite, lash out or yell/scream when emotionally overloaded. This book we have found really helpful in helping Possum re-direct his need to bite. I am trying other things also.

I would really like to get the 'When I'm feeling...' box-set. It would be a fantastic parenting tool. It would help me to learn more about emotional regulation and apply it to myself. I will be saving up for it as it is expensive. 

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