Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A friend's phone call today

One of my cool long term Aspie friends just shared this little story in a group. I asked if I could share it here and she said yes! I am so inspired by it. She has a blog too. Check it out. It is her story of a late diagnosis of Aspergers and her journey to better understanding herself.

Phone call just before: guy doing the hard sell trying to get me to buy some add on to my phone bill to help me save money.
push. push. push.
I tried several times to tell him that I was going to think about it, he just kept pushing.
Finally, I said "look, I have Aspergers and sensory processing disorder. I actually can't make snap decisions on the phone. I am going to think about it, and I'll call you back."

"oh" silence from his end. then. "should I call you back around this time tomorrow" (not a question, he was already penning my name in his 'call back and bug the ever living daylights out of' book.

"NO. I told you, *I* will call back, WHEN I have made a decision"
and I hung up.

feeling so good :)

A second comment she added after.

"I know that if I make a decision on the spot it's not a good idea, especially with phone calls. and if I'm pushed into something I panic and worry that its the wrong decision. I need to make informed decisions!"

Her response to me:

"I felt so... liberated and I was just a clap short of flapping."

Reading about stories like this makes my heart sing. I love it!


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