Sunday, 16 June 2013

Flapping happy!

At lunch today.

I started flapping because I was happy. Atrus had just put a big piece of chicken breast on my plate. I flapped my hands in excitement. It was a very yummy looking piece. I glanced at Atrus whilst flapping. He looked at me and laughed.
'I love that you do that because it means that you are happy.' He said.

'I do it because I'm so excited that I cannot contain myself. I'm too excited to express myself verbally.' I replied.

I love Atrus. He is awesome. Neurodiverse awesome!

Later that day...

I read Atrus the above draft blog post.
I flapped my hands in excitement again. Atrus giggled and then said, 'You look like a butterfly.'
I burst out laughing with happiness.

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