Monday, 24 June 2013

If he was my child

If He Was My Child

He'd behave if he was my child
I'd teach him right from wrong
I'd put him on the naughty step
Until his naughty streak has gone

But he isn't your child
He's mine and I know what's best
My son isn't being naughty
He's just different to the rest

If he was my child
He'd do as he was told
I wouldn't accept bad behaviour
Or him acting bold

But he isn't your child
And I know him better than you
Autism makes him different
But unique and special too

If he lived in my house
He'd live by my rules
He wouldn't take us for a ride
And he wouldn't take us for fools

But he isn't your child
And I'm so glad that he's not
You couldn't handle what I do
You'd be out of there like a shot

He is my special child
And he was sent to me
Because I deserve him
And can treat him specially

By Donna Woods

From here.

Reading this poem has been bittersweet for me because it reminds me of my own traumatic childhood. I wish Autism was understood when I was a child as my dad tried to do all of those things to me but of course it just made me stronger. He didn't succeed in disciplining the Autism out of me. 

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  1. As an autistic flutist, I can attest that this is true.


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