Monday, 3 June 2013 think you might be Autistic?

I have had a few people come to me privately since I received my diagnosis and came 'out' about being Autistic on my Facebook profile. I am always happy to help my friends and others who come to me in need to help them understand themselves better. We are all on a journey and need to help each other where and when we can. Regardless of the label that is associated with who we are. I think it is incredibly helpful to understand oneself, accept oneself, have self-awareness and work with oneself. That is the way to grow and be happy.

If I can help others understand themselves better and accept themselves then I am doing what I am meant to do and what needs doing. This is my path, I can see the way clearer now than I ever have before. So if any of my readers are thinking they might be Autistic I would like to direct you to this fantastic blog series on Adult diagnosis. I am sure it will help you in your journey of understanding yourself better. That is what is all about really, understanding yourself and hopefully accepting yourself. Forget the label and the ridiculous stigma attached to it.

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