Monday, 24 June 2013

Swinging: my favourite stim

Swinging is my favourite stim by far. All my life I have loved it and still love it. There have been numerous occasions where it has calmed me down and refreshed me. I feel like a new person after I have had a good long swing session. It helps me to process everything and think more clearly. I get a natural high from it. It's great. My iPod with my favourite stimmy music + swinging = stim heaven.

I remember swinging many times over the course of my life in order to de-stress and cope better. Whenever I was near a swing I would always make the most of the opportunity and have a big, long swing. 

When I first left home I had a rough and challenging time. I was pushed to leave home too early. I wasn't ready to leave and be on my own. My Father basically wanted to get rid of me so I wasn't a financial burden to him anymore, which was extremely hurtful at the time. Leaving home too early made it very challenging for me cope with living on my own and managing. I really struggled. I felt so alone and misunderstood a lot of the time. Yet I did not have the words to say this or anyone to really talk to. It was a tough time.

I remember one particular time there was a lot of stress and upset going on in my life. The person I lived/boarded with was not very nice to me at all. There was other stressful things going on that I didn't understand nor know how to cope with.

I remember walking to the park which had swings near where I lived and swinging for 30 min. I timed it and remember how long I swung for. I needed to swing this much to cope with all the unknowns and stress of my life. I felt like a new person after that. I used that swing a number of times while I lived there. It helped me get through some tough times.

When I was doing my practicum for teaching. The place I boarded at had a park across the road. I found it very stressful and unsettling living in a strange environment. I never once felt at home there so often did not know what to do with myself. So I often went across the road to the swings and had a big long calming swing to process and cope.

When we lived in another place, there was a park within walking distance. I would walk there whenever I could and have a big long swing. I always felt so much better afterwards. 

Where we live now there are three parks within walking distance and they all have swings so I try to have a good swing at least once a week. My son loves swinging too. Often I will put him in his baby/toddler swing and push him fairly high. Then I will get on the other swing and have a short but rejuvenating swing until his swing has slowed down. We swing together for awhile. I reach out my hand and try to hold his briefly. He loves me doing that. Then I will repeat the process. We have a lot of fun together at the park.

I prefer to be able to go on my own at times and enjoy a big long swing in peace and quiet. It isn't always possible though. I manage where I can. I do not see this as a luxury, this need to swing, it is a necessity for me. It is my most fulfilling stim.

I use swinging to rejuvenate myself. To refresh my mind, body and soul. I love swinging!

Ideally I would love to have my own swing that is easy to pack up in a move for when/if we move. Someday...I hope.


  1. Thanks so much for your most wonderful and inspiring post about swinging. I also love swinging, and any time I go near a park, I am the first one to get on the swings and swing like crazy. It is such a liberating and transforming experience... a kind of alchemy!

  2. I'm having a bliss out moment just reading this post.
    Swings are my favorite stim too. :-D
    When I was a teen, I'd often be late for school, because my walking route included going through a park with a lovely set of swings. I could never resist having a good long swing before and after school. :-)


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