Thursday, 13 June 2013

Family Meeting with my Psychologist

The meeting with my family, Psychologist and myself was today. It went very well. Much better than I thought it would go. My Psychologist handled the meeting very well, I thought. We recorded the session so that I can listen to it later. I think it will be very helpful for me to do this. So much was said that it was all a bit of a blur. Everyone got to have their say and voice their opinions. My psychologist explained very well about Autism and how it affects my life to my family. In particular about meltdowns, Sensory processing disorder, delayed processing disorder. My family get it now. Yay! I don't feel so alone and misunderstood in this journey of understanding myself better. It sure helps to feel understood. 

My Psychologist wrote up a plan for me to do and for my family to do, so that we can work together better.

Here is my plan that she wrote for me:

  1. Brainstorm different scenarios for different variations of things that could happen and write a social story/visual plan of how I will cope with various unexpected changes.
  2. Create a visual timetable - using a whiteboard or velcro board
  3. Calm inside (body)
    Calm inside (home) - environment
  4. Appeal Disability pension.
  5. Back-up meals in the freezer and activity schedule for my son.
  6. Buy or make a board for the visual time table.
  7. Possibly anxiety medication?
  8. Create a Code for my emotions to communicate with my family, e.g. Angry - red and then tell them on a scale from 1-10 where I am. If I am really angry, I will say I am a red 10 and they will know to leave me alone to calm down. The other emotions are: Happy, Sad, Stressed/anxious, and meltdown. I need to choose colours for the rest.
  9. Develop a crisis plan that works for helping me to calm down from meltdowns.
  10. Buy a CAT kit
I added the last one as I think it will be very helpful to me. My Psych showed me her CAT kit at the end of the session. I could clearly see how much of a HUGE help it will be for me and how much I need something like this. She said she has used the CAT kit for children and adults on the Spectrum that she has worked with. It is not cheap though.

I am very drained. It has been a big day. I don't have the spoons to write much more. I still need to process a lot of what has been said and figure out how to actually do this, to make it happen. Inertia often gets in the way of things happening. Life is incredibly overwhelming for me right now. I am very much a hermit and do not feel up to doing much at the moment. I need to rest and regain spoons to cope with life better.

On the positive side I have found a visual timer for myself to stop myself from hyperfocusing and getting so absorbed that I completely lose track of time and then do nothing else. It is ridiculous how easy it is for my to hyperfocus lately and how hard it is to stop. I will share a photo of it soon. I was planning to buy one from here, but DH reminded me of one we already had from MIL.

Video about the CAT kit.

I am off to do some colouring in. Yay! I am in the process my own colouring book out of free colouring pages, special paper, coloured paper and raffia.

My chew/bite necklace has arrived! I have used it. Great to use. My son likes it and has had a bite too. I have bought him his own chew/bite toy.


  1. That's fantastic to hear how well it all went and what a great facilitator Tania Marshall is in such a situation! <3

    1. Thank you Anne. I am very glad that it went well too. I was afraid it wouldn't. Tania is a fantastic facilitator. I am very grateful to have her as my psych.


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