Monday, 17 June 2013

Don't blame my parents

Don't Blame My Parents

Don't blame my parents
For the way I am
I was born with Autism
And doing the best I can

Don't put them down
When they're doing their best
I was born with Autism
And I'm different from the rest

Don't point and stare
If I act different in the street
They have enough to deal with
And have my needs to meet

Don't laugh at their expense
If they're finding it hard to cope
Listen to their worries
And please give them hope

Don't say that you could manage
If you were wearing their shoes
It's easy to make judgement
When you've got a path to choose

Don't judge my parents
Walk in their shoes for a day
Maybe you wouldn't be so willing
To have so much to say

By Donna Woods

From here.

I read this poem today. It was shared in one of the many Autism groups I am in. I love how eloquently Donna writes.


  1. Hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to this blog on my FB page. I love it.
    Spectrum Warrior

    1. Hi Spectrum Warrior, please share it. Thank you! The more people hear out voices and our stories, the better. What's your FB page? I'll like it.


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